4kings adds DotA

Four Kings Gaming Royalty added today, for the first time a DotA team. They picked old BTB squad with some minor changes, they've removed Greece Fayol and changed managers, Germany Drunkin replaced Romania SirNeo

Germany Alexander "Kog" Schütt
Lithuania Dalius "dLxYan" Strebeika
Sweden Magnus "Magma" Johansson
Netherlands Youri "N3rf" Boldy
Denmark Jon "13abyknight" Andersen
Lithuania Laurynas "kLdz" Laukys
Germany David "DrunKin" Pella (Manager)

Statement from Ian "Javax" Leckey, 4Kings General Manager
DotA is a game which is steadily rising in popularity and BTB are right up there with the best of teams. This is why I'm happy to welcome them to 4Kings. The guys are all very committed to achieving their goal of becoming the #1 DotA team around, and we'll be supporting them whilst they work to reach that goal. Their first event as 4Kings.DotA will be Dreamhack Summer.

Statement from David "DrunKin" Pella, Team Manager
I'm very very happy that we can finally announce our new Team 4Kings! To play under 4K's flag means a lot for us, the whole squad is in a really good shape and we're very motivated. We'll give our very best to improve more and more.It feels really great to have such a good organisation like 4K. We're looking forward to a great future with 4K.

Dota Gamers wishes all the best to 4Kings.DotA

Four Kings - Source


The news about the disbandment of the most famous clan EuropeKingdom.Dota (former MYM) hit the DotA community and many questions occured.

What will happen to the clanless players, many gamer asked. Last evening the question was answered partially by GermanyH4nn1-. He joined the currently best DotA clan EuropeKingsurf.International and will finally play together with his old friend GermanyLevent.

But what about the rest of ex-MYM? DenmarkMaelk, DenmarkMaNia and DenmarkPusher-Street will join the lately very successful danish-only clan Ravens.

New Ravens lineup:
Denmark Smiske
Denmark AngeL
Denmark miGGel
Denmark Maelk
Denmark Pusher-Street
Denmark MaNia

As you can see, DenmarkMisery SwedenkwoM (who joined Ravens a few days ago) and Germanymoods are not part of Ravens any longer. Last mentioned joined up with the top clan GermanydiamondZ last night and is now able to play with his old teammates of his former clan Germanywicked.

New diamondZ lineup:


Germany eQuiNOX

Germany U_nited
Germany EDE
Germany hexOr
Germany Schug
Germany scream
Germany Rene
Germany moods (leon)
Germany Stryke

Sweden ChiLLi

The future clans of MiseRy and kwoM are still unknown.


Former MYM about to disband?

Former MYM about to disband?

Yesterday the Europe Kingdom.DotA player Germany h4nn1 has played an official match with Europe Kingsurf.International and many people wondered about the future of ex-MYM

In the evening, DenmarkMaelk made a post at the dota-allstars.com forum and imparts the community that they will probably break up the team.

Maelk: We have decided to shut down the team.

Kai has had a desire to play with Ks.int for a long time. Their playstyle fits him perfectly and they have his longtime friend, Levent, and of course KuroKy who is also German, so its an obvious move for him to take. Personally I find them stronger than ever, and with their current form it's probably the strongest lineup there has ever been.

As for the rest of us, Pusher, MaNia- and I have been focusing on the upcoming Europeans Nationscup and playing with an all Danish lineup has rekindled the fun of the game. One of the reasons why we weren't performing in the end, was probably because each of us played and practiced with different teams. Kai with the Germans, Loda with his Swedes, us with our Danes whilst Ben has been more or less busy with school, meaning we had three to four different opinions on how the game should be played, which didn't work out as it has in the past.

As for Loda, I am not sure what he is going to do, but our focus is mainly on the Danish team and our actual lives over the course of the summer, so I doubt we'll be building up anything together.

Was a great ride, but it all fell apart with MYM coming to an end. I wish all of the guys the best of luck in their future teams.

EuropeMYM was on top of the DotA scene for years and has always managed to be one step further. I can not count how many recommended replays I have seen with Maelk and his team. And countles too are the achievements of that special team.

In the near future we will probably see the ex-MYM players in their respective nation team. Dota Maniacs wishes all the best to all of the members.


Showmatch: Fnatic vs 7L

Setiap orang khususnya para Maniac Dota masih ingat pada edisi pertama pertandingan IndonesiaFnatics team dari indonesia yg mana pada waktu lalu mereka bertanding melawan Kingsurf.Nah.. Pertandingan selanjunya yg akan di selenggarakan pada tanggal 21 April 2009 mendatang IndonesiaFnatics akan bertanding melawan DotA clans Asia yaitu China 7L. Untuk para Maniac Dota..agar bisa melihat pertandingannya..maka saya akan memposting Replaynya dengan segera...Don't Miss it.


Evil Geniuses Announces WarCraft 3 Team!

» Team EG Announces their new WarCraft 3 Team!

Live on Three Tonight with an Exclusive Announcement from Evil Geniuses!

While we reported on the professional gaming team Evil Geniuses picking up five American StarCraft players, the announcements are not done yet. Team EG’s Executive Director will appear on dj Wheat’s new podcast “Live on 3” with an exclusive announcement.

Readers should be familiar with dj Wheat as he has covered both WarCraft III and StarCraft along with Bunny and Tasteless (with their respective games) at past WCG events and BlizzCon. He is extremely passionate about what he does and we expect this announcement to be big!

Live on Three is a brand new podcast covering all aspects of competitive gaming, eSports and tournaments, casual and hardcore with a no holds barred approach. The show is very honest and has eSports personalities from every genre including Slasher (Quake) and Sirscoots (MLG). There is also an oppertunity for YOU to make your voice heard and call in. Want more StarCraft on the show? Call in and talk about it!

Past shows have discussed the possible split of the StarCraft community when StarCraft II drops, comparing it to Counter-strike 1.6/Source. On a recent episode they also got a chance to interview iNcontroL who was just signed to Evil Geniuses and was on the reality tv-gaming competition WCG Ultimate Gamer on Sci-Fi in the U.S.

There will be discussion on tonight’s show about the newly formed StarCraft team and an exclusive announcement from the team (we do not know the details of this announcement, so TUNE IN!).

Here’s what to expect tonight when you listen:
EG Exclusive Announcement, Ultimate Gamer down to the final six

This week's show will feature an exclusive announcement from Evil Geniuses, which will be announced live on the air and only on Lo3. Team EG manager Alex "chibsquad" Garfield will be on the show to discuss in length the announcement, as well as talk with us about various developments of the team as of late including the new StarCraft division, and the Counter-Strike 1.6 team replacing Gravitas Gaming at the KODE5 finals. Expect some CSProMod talk as well!

WCG Ultimate Gamer is down to it's final six competitors as StarSlay3r "Ciji" Thornton was eliminated this week in a rather dramatic episode. We will talk with her about her feelings of being eliminated by Mark and all of the emotions surrounding her relationship with him on the show, her experience on the show, and thoughts about people's comments about her from the Internet.

We will go through the week's happening in eSports including SK's win at KODE5 Sweden, Pandemic's win over compLexity in the TF2 CEVO finals, and the WoW 3.1 patch release and it's effect on eSports.

Tune in Thursday, April 16th at 7 PM EST/01:00 AM CET at the following links. Wheat will be on the air an hour earlier with Wheatisms and music.

Video: http://www.djwheat.tv/live/
Audio: http://sc.quakescene.com:8000/

Embedded below is episode 10 which includes the interview with iNcontroL, make sure to check it out and then tune in live to hear the exclusive (SK-gaming is calling the announcement “huge”) announcement pertaining to Evil Geniuses. Feel free to speculate what the announcement is in the comments, but make sure to listen tonight!

Make sure to listen to later shows also, as iNcontroL will make a guest appearence to talk in detail about his thoughts on StarCraft II and the StarCraft competitive scene.

dj Wheat - Source
dj Wheat - Video Stream
dj Wheat - Audio Stream


A few weeks ago, fragster.de started a new thing called Pick-League video highlights. m3w presents decent scenes from the first division of the Pick-League hosted by Dota-League.com.

Due to the fact that they are really great, I am gonna post every update here in that thread. The videos are viewable in high and low quality, depending on your bandwidth.

Tournament Mix
Featured scenes:
MYM.MaNia- vs. Ks.Int (KoKc)
MYM.Merlini vs. Ks.Int (KoKc)
dmZ.Rene vs. djooks/[K] (ESL)
Ks.LevenT^tr vs. mousesports (F4F)
7l vs. RuSh3D (Fw)

6th playday
Featured scenes:
IGG vs. xeo
BTB vs. eSuba
djooks vs. PGS
Ks.Int vs. mouz

7th playday
Featured scenes:
[K] vs. dmZ
Xeo vs. BTB
Ks.Int vs. Ravens
IGG vs. srs

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