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After the thrilling release of 6.60 (& 6.60b), Icefrog has instantly started working on the next version (6.61) and this time he looks to you for YOUR suggestions!

The recent release of 6.60 introduced the community to lots of game play changes as well as new heroes and items. Unfortunately, changes are always accompanied with balance issues. So now Icefrog aims at a "fast patch aimed at balance improvements". Thus he has called out to the whole community for suggestions and ideas. So if you feel a need for any change be sure to to let him know!

Note: Try to keep your suggestions concise with adequate detail. Also, remember the new version is aimed at balancing etc thus suggestions regarding new heroes and items etc are irrelevant and unlikely to be entertained.

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Infernal Cry League's DotA Division

The Infernal Cry League is now accepting team applications for their sixth season. This North America-only league has been a successful WarCraft 3 League for a while now and has decided to add DotA to its lineup. There's only one problem. They are only accepting 8-10 teams! So all of you NA teams that have been itching for competition, go apply fast!

Below is the link to the ICL site.

ICL - Homepage

Lacoste Joins Serious Gaming

The former Xeo player has decided to leave Xeo and join up with Serious.DotA due to language and proximity issues. Here is a statement from

Serbia Marko "Silentcat" Kovacevic:
The main reasons behind his clan changing after such a long time in xeo (and the organizations they were in before), besides him being a great player and an excellent carry, is that we speak the same language and we are able to communicate on a much higher level than when you talk english as he was in xeo. Also his location will help us a lot in bootcamping, croatia is a neighbour country and when we feel like bootcamping we can do it easily.

His character will for sure add a lot to the team, he is a great person and has a great sense of humour. His role will be diverse, something between a carry and ganker, to give me and the rest more space to play a ganker role which some of us always wanted to play. I think with lacoste, g0g1 and bane as our main carries, baja, zep, rio and fill as our support and gankers, and me at the ganker role, I`m sure we can achive a lot.

Current Serbia Serious.DotA Roster:

Serbia Marko `Silentcat` Kovacevic
Serbia Gordan `Gordan` Prosic
Serbia Marko `Baja` Jovanovic
Serbia Branco `Bane` Boskovic
Serbia Igor `Zep` Radovanovic
Serbia Filip `BiGFiLL` Trajkovic
Serbia Mario `Riki` Scepanovic
Croatia Dominik `Lacoste` Stipic

Dota-league.com - Source
Serious-gaming.com - srs.DotA Team Page


WCG 2009 Asian Championship

World Cyber Games Asian Championships are set to take place on July 4th and 5th. This year, the games to be played are DotA, FIFA 09, and Guitar Hero. But we only care about the DotA part, don't we?

Here is the list of the competing countries that were invited this year:
New ZealandNew Zealand
Sri LankaSri Lanka
Chinese TaipeiChinese Taipei

With such a huge following, WCG has acquired many sponsors this year that include Samsung, Dell, and Intel among many others. Dell and Intel are bringing their quad-core processors for the use of all the gamers participating in this Championship and with the quad-core processors comes the new line of Alienware PC's that Dell is unveiling for the first time in this region.

Link to the WCG Asian Championship below. Good luck to all the teams going through qualifiers right now.

WCG.com - WCG Asian Championship Site

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