Lacoste Joins Serious Gaming

The former Xeo player has decided to leave Xeo and join up with Serious.DotA due to language and proximity issues. Here is a statement from

Serbia Marko "Silentcat" Kovacevic:
The main reasons behind his clan changing after such a long time in xeo (and the organizations they were in before), besides him being a great player and an excellent carry, is that we speak the same language and we are able to communicate on a much higher level than when you talk english as he was in xeo. Also his location will help us a lot in bootcamping, croatia is a neighbour country and when we feel like bootcamping we can do it easily.

His character will for sure add a lot to the team, he is a great person and has a great sense of humour. His role will be diverse, something between a carry and ganker, to give me and the rest more space to play a ganker role which some of us always wanted to play. I think with lacoste, g0g1 and bane as our main carries, baja, zep, rio and fill as our support and gankers, and me at the ganker role, I`m sure we can achive a lot.

Current Serbia Serious.DotA Roster:

Serbia Marko `Silentcat` Kovacevic
Serbia Gordan `Gordan` Prosic
Serbia Marko `Baja` Jovanovic
Serbia Branco `Bane` Boskovic
Serbia Igor `Zep` Radovanovic
Serbia Filip `BiGFiLL` Trajkovic
Serbia Mario `Riki` Scepanovic
Croatia Dominik `Lacoste` Stipic

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Serious-gaming.com - srs.DotA Team Page

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