U_nited joins dmZ

Today the former wicked player Kevin "U_nited" Stegeman has officially announced his move to dmZ.

With the change to the most successful German clan he follows his former clanmate GermanyRene. dmZ had to suffer the loss of GermanyStryke and GermanyBlowME in the past week and so the signing of GermanyU_nited was just a matter of time.

eQuiNOX: I know united for some time now and i think hes a good addition for the team he brings some nice gang power to our playstyle

U_nited: After wicked got disbanded up a few weeks ago, I was eagerly searching for a new team. Since I was in good touch with the players of dmZ and especially eQuiNOX already, I was very happy when he asked me to join his team. I'm looking forward to a successful year of 2009 and possibly more. Shoutouts to my Mom :D

Germany eQuiNOX

Germany U_nited
Germany EDE
Germany hexOr
Germany Schug
Germany scream
Germany Rene

Sweden ChiLLi

After the splitup of wicked, only GermanyMaNu is still clanless.

fragster.de with DotA highlights

The german eSports community fragster.de has just launched a new feature at their DotA section.
Austriam3w will try to provide the best scenes from each week in several short videos.

From the last week he picked the following scenes:

MaNia: djooks vs. Ks.Int (KOKC)
Merlini: djooks vs. Ks.Int (KOKC)
Rene-: dmZ vs. djooks (ESL)
LevenT: Ks.Int vs. mouz (Farm4Fame 8)
Rush3D: 7L vs. Rush3D (Clanwar)

Watch the videos here


The newest Mouz players in the spotlight

An interview regarding the future of two new recruits from mousesports.DotA.

As we know, it was only like a month ago since mouz.Drayich revived Europe mousesports.DotA. Over the past weeks, their roster has changed a lot in order to fit the team well. Recently, the former Polish PGS player, Poland Radoslaw "Darky" Sobczyk and the ex Wicked-eSports player Germany"Fire" Kru were added to the roster.

An interview was conducted by DotA-league regarding the future of Darky and Fire with their new team mouz, one of the top European DotA clans which once dominated the international DotA scene not long ago with high-skilled players such as KuroKy, LevenT, Miracle and Twistd. The question is will mouz.Drayich once again lead his new team with a fresh roster to revive the era of domination in the international DotA scene.

You both recently joined the DotA team of mousesports. What were your reasons for this decision? How long did you play with the team before the actual join and how do you effort from it?

Fire: The reasons for me to join mouz are, hmm … I LOVE DRAY... No (laughes) I wanted a high-class team where i can do my best and ofcourse where it’s fun to play and that’s mouz for sure.

Darky: I played with mouz only for few days. From scrim to scrim we were doing better and better, and finally that ended in me joining mouz officially. I think the main reasons I joined mouz are: Great atmosphere in game/outside game, many ambitious and talented players and of course Papa Kim Drayich.

4gl.KGB with changes

And the changes continue in the international DotA scene. After SerbiaBaja and Serbiag0g1 left Serbia4gl.KGB to join Francesrs, it became a bit quieter around the Serbian team.

To fill the gap, the new leader of 4gl.KGB, Serbiazep, managed to hire two new faces for the team.
The first newcomer has already been played with silentcat in EuropeDeuS. SerbiaBiGFiLL has already played numerous national tournaments and brings a lot of experince into the newly formed team.

SerbiaRiki, the second acquisition of the recently new built team, brings similar skill and will take the support/ganker role.

As if this are not enough news around the Serbian team, they also changed their main sponsor and are now known as SerbiaGM.Net+.

Serbiazep: After departure of Gordan and Baja we had to do something radical with the lineup. So we were searching for the new players who we found in our nearest friends. BigFill and Riki are exactly what the team needs and we are open for new challenges that we will overcome with great certainty. All you need to do is to hold your keyboards tight was watch how we storm our opponents , all the way to the top!

SerbiaBiGFiLL: I am very happy to be part of the team , i've been playing with these guys for years at lan parties and online.We have known each other for years and i guess this is just the winning combnation :D . As for the achivement's,all i got to say is : DONT miss out on the action,we will put on a nice SHOW !

SerbiaGM.Net+ lineup

Serbia zep

Serbia bane
Serbia Lcf-
Serbia Opijum
Serbia Green
Serbia BiGFiLL
Serbia Shecky

Serbia Hamla-

We wish the team good luck in upcoming tournaments and hope to see some great matches.

ESL DotA Premiership: overview

The ESL DotA Premierships are working a few weeks now and there have been positive and negative suprises yet. With SwedenSK.DotA and EuropeKingsurf.int leaving the League, two favourites left the Premierships. Kingsurf.int didn't take this event serious and therefore they lost most of their games and decided to leave the League. Sometimes they had not enought Players on Defaulf-Date or they weren't able to play at the date and gave a Default-Win to their Enemys.
But there are also posivitve suprises. The Ranking includes a few very good Newcomer Teams, who show their skill to the world. Here is a little extract from the Ranking:

Top 3
1. EuropeMeet Your Makers 27 Points|10 Matches|9:0:1
2. GermanydiamondZ.DotA 24 Points|9 Matches|8:0:1
3. EuropeGFC-Gaming.DotA 24 Points|9 Matches|8:0:1

There are just five Matchdays left till the Playoffs will begin. And don't foget the teams play for 1.500 Dollars of prizemoney.
Gosugamers supports you with all matches on Gosubet and will give you more Informations, when the Playoffs start.


Captains Draft Mode in 6.60

Icefrog has again revealed in his personal blog that there will be a new mode named Captains Draft in the upcoming version of DotA 6.60. It is basically a new mode, which is a mix of the current modes in DotA, Captains Mode (CM) and Random Draft (RD). Similar to the Captains Mode, each team will have a captain who is responsible for the drafting phase. The captain can only choose the heroes from a draft of 22 heroes, which is presented in a circle, same as in the Random Draft mode. After the drafting phase is over, the players can choose their heroes, which are placed on the starting area. Icefrog stated that, the reason he invented Captains Draft is for the players who prefer playing with a small hero selection and at the same time, they can enjoy the drafting experience same as in the competitive games.

As for now, Icefrog still has not decided the exact size of the heroes pool and he is looking forward to hear any suggestions from the players about the new mode.

Pemain Game Korea Dapat Kontrak 400 Ribu Dollar Pemain game Korea, Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang mendapat kontrak karena jago bermain game strategi Warcraft III. Dia mendapat kontrak 3 tahun atas prestasinya bermain game. Nilainya mencapai 700 juta Won atau setara 473.037 dollar Amerika.

Kalau di rupiahkan kira-kira mencapai sekitar 5 Milyar per 3 tahun dengan asumsi dollar sekitar Rp. 11.000 - 12.000. Jadi pertahunnya Jae Ho mendapatkan penghasilan sekitar 1.65 Milyar atau 130 Juta Rupiah perbulan. (Sudah seperti atau melebihi gaji Presiden Direktur di perusahaan besar di Indonesia ^o^)

Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang memang seorang profesional gamer, baru berumur 22 tahun. Mendapat kontrak sebagai pemain game dari We Made FOX.

Rekor sebelumnya dipegang oleh Yoon Yeol Nad Lee, yang juga dikontrak oleh perusahaan WeMade FOX senilai 750 juta Won pada tahun 2007 lalu.

Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang saat ini menjadi pemain game nomor 2 di Korea yang memiliki bayaran 'bermain game' yang paling tinggi. (obengware)

Blizzard has released a mobile application for their authenticator to be used with the newly released Battle.net accounts.

Currently the only game to use the authentication is World of WarCraft, but StarCraft II and Diablo III are planned to have the same log-in system and be attached to this same Battle.net account. The authenticator makes it so that everytime you log-in to your account (via WoW, SC2, D3, or the Battle.net website) after entering your username and password it asks you for a unique code that the authenticator generates, which expires in about 30 seconds, allowing you peace of mind for your Battle.net account. Be aware though this DOES NOT protect your current Battle.net account for StarCraft, WarCraft III, or Diablo I/II.

The authenticator application essentially replaces the hardware version that was released earlier this year for added security for World of WarCraft accounts. The device is no longer in the Blizzard Store at the time of this story as it was consistently out of stock.

It looks as if the application was created to help ease demand or even replace the current authenticator.

For iPhone / iPod Touch users, this is a nice way to add a layer of security to your account and it is on a device that is constantly with you!

The application is free and is currently live in the US iTunes store, with a launch soon for Europe and Asia.

If you haven't signed up for the new Battle.net account, why not do so now! If you're planning on buying StarCraft II or Diablo III it would be great to get the account setup now and avoid the rush of launch day of setting up accounts! You can also add you StarCraft, StarCraft: Brood War, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, WarCraft III and WarCraft III: Frozen Throne CD Key's to the new account and have the keys saved and a digital download for you game on the site and in your account! For free (if you have a legitimate CD Key).

For the moment this is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, but it would be no stretch of the imagination to think that this will be coming to other mobile devices as well.

sumber: Blizzard Entertainment


Mouz adds Darky to replace PelleHenrik

Mouz adds Darky to replace PelleHenrik

Mousesports.Dota announced that they will be changing their roster again according to the team captain, Drayich. They will add Darky, one of the PGS player as a replacement for PelleHenrik, who was kicked out from the the team. According to Drayich, he found out that PelleHenrik does not match the type of player that he was looking for. Drayich also stated that Darky will be a good replacement to play PelleHenrik’s role in the game later.
Poland mouz|Darky says:

I really liked to play with drayich and when i got opportunity to scrim with his team i just got into it with all my heart, great atmosphere, teamplay and talented players. I'll give from myself 200% in every game try to be everywhere on the map and help the team as much as i can! And ofcourse bring the *sexy back*. The main reason i joined mouz is that Im hungry of wins many wins.

Now, the Mousesports.Dota roster will consist of:

SwedenKim "Drayich" Larsson (Captain)
SwedenSaman "Penguin" Alilo
SwedenLucas "eXain" Olsson
SwedenDaniel "S4nn" Troung
SwedenJens "Jesse" Sjöbäck
PolandRadoslaw "Darky" Sobczyk
DenmarkTroels "syndereN" Nielsen
NorwayJørgen "XeqtR" Johannessen

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