ESL DotA Premiership: overview

The ESL DotA Premierships are working a few weeks now and there have been positive and negative suprises yet. With SwedenSK.DotA and EuropeKingsurf.int leaving the League, two favourites left the Premierships. Kingsurf.int didn't take this event serious and therefore they lost most of their games and decided to leave the League. Sometimes they had not enought Players on Defaulf-Date or they weren't able to play at the date and gave a Default-Win to their Enemys.
But there are also posivitve suprises. The Ranking includes a few very good Newcomer Teams, who show their skill to the world. Here is a little extract from the Ranking:

Top 3
1. EuropeMeet Your Makers 27 Points|10 Matches|9:0:1
2. GermanydiamondZ.DotA 24 Points|9 Matches|8:0:1
3. EuropeGFC-Gaming.DotA 24 Points|9 Matches|8:0:1

There are just five Matchdays left till the Playoffs will begin. And don't foget the teams play for 1.500 Dollars of prizemoney.
Gosugamers supports you with all matches on Gosubet and will give you more Informations, when the Playoffs start.

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