U_nited joins dmZ

Today the former wicked player Kevin "U_nited" Stegeman has officially announced his move to dmZ.

With the change to the most successful German clan he follows his former clanmate GermanyRene. dmZ had to suffer the loss of GermanyStryke and GermanyBlowME in the past week and so the signing of GermanyU_nited was just a matter of time.

eQuiNOX: I know united for some time now and i think hes a good addition for the team he brings some nice gang power to our playstyle

U_nited: After wicked got disbanded up a few weeks ago, I was eagerly searching for a new team. Since I was in good touch with the players of dmZ and especially eQuiNOX already, I was very happy when he asked me to join his team. I'm looking forward to a successful year of 2009 and possibly more. Shoutouts to my Mom :D

Germany eQuiNOX

Germany U_nited
Germany EDE
Germany hexOr
Germany Schug
Germany scream
Germany Rene

Sweden ChiLLi

After the splitup of wicked, only GermanyMaNu is still clanless.

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