Rush3D Gone, Platium Sports Newborn

Former Rush3D.DotA players will now play under the tag of Platium Sports, their new sponsor.

Recently, the arrival of former Rush3D players to China has left many questions to their fans regarding to what they seek in China and of course the future of the Russian DotA powerhouse. Today, the truth was revealed when they are now sponsored by one of the biggest Chinese online game companies, Platium Sports, PS according to reliable sources.

As we know, the former Rush3D players arrived in China already for some period of time and they have been competing with some of the Chinese DotA teams such as 7L and EHOME. The main purpose for them in China was to find a stable sponsor for the team since Rush3D.DotA disbanded due to sponsor problem.

The new Platium Sports DotA roster will consist of:

  • Russia Smile (Captain)
  • Russia Vigoss
  • Russia PGG
  • Russia Ve!n
  • Russia NS
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