The eXperience 2009!

The eXperience 2009!

After weeks of waiting and anticipating, the Danish event host Roskilde eSports has finally announced the FULL tournaments which shall be taking place in the event "The eXperience 2009."

The details of the events were actually made known last week, but in a publicity gimmick, Roskilde eSports decided to leak information on one tournament per day, causing the public to become more intrigued in the event.

Today, all information on the event has finally been revealed.

Like the previous year, "The eXperience 2009" will take place from 27th July till the 1st of August.

The prizes for this year will be fruitful, for the entire purse of 32.000 Euro will be divided into only FIVE portions, and each of this portions garnersmore than 2000 pounds each.

The event which has been voted as the 'Event of the Year' by Cadred as well as being nominated for the same award by Pixel.TV will surely be a earth-shaking one in the world of e-sports and we tremble in excitement as we eagerly await the faithful date of 27th of July.

More information on the event can be found below:

The eXperience 2009:
Date: July 27th
Cash prize: €3000

FIFA '09:
Date: July 27th
Cash prize: €3000

Date: July 28th
Cash prize: €6000

Date: July 29th-30th
Cash prize: €10.000

CS: Source:
Date: July 31st - Aug 1st
Cash prize: €10.000

The eXperience - Source

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