fragster presents DotA video highlights

A few weeks ago, fragster.de started a new thing called Pick-League video highlights. m3w presents decent scenes from the first division of the Pick-League hosted by Dota-League.com.

Due to the fact that they are really great, I am gonna post every update here in that thread. The videos are viewable in high and low quality, depending on your bandwidth.

Tournament Mix
Featured scenes:
MYM.MaNia- vs. Ks.Int (KoKc)
MYM.Merlini vs. Ks.Int (KoKc)
dmZ.Rene vs. djooks/[K] (ESL)
Ks.LevenT^tr vs. mousesports (F4F)
7l vs. RuSh3D (Fw)

6th playday
Featured scenes:
IGG vs. xeo
BTB vs. eSuba
djooks vs. PGS
Ks.Int vs. mouz

7th playday
Featured scenes:
[K] vs. dmZ
Xeo vs. BTB
Ks.Int vs. Ravens
IGG vs. srs

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