Lemion joins KingSurf as Impreza disbands

lemion joins KingSurf as Impreza disbands

Impreza, one of the top teams in Singapore has officially announced that it shall be disbanded.

Having won many local competitions in Singapore such as the World Championship Games held in Funan in 2008, Impreza managed to gain enough recognition from their home country and was chosen to represent Singapore in the Asia Dota Championship where they showed that they were a threat not only on the local stage but on the international level too.

They also took part in international competitions such as Farm4Fame where they managed to clinch third place in one of the series.

Impreza's reign as one of the most dominant team in Asia however was shortlived.

After the SMM competition which was held in Malaysia, their long time leader and acclaimed player TrueNetPro had to leave the team for compulsory service in the army. Lemion also left the team shortly after, stating that he had to forgo his position in the team for his studies as his major exams were coming up
and that he was also neglecting his girlfriend.

However, despite the loss of their two best players, Impreza continued to play in major local events such as the CAPL ( Compaq AMD Players League ) Elites
where all of the best local teams battled it out to see who was the best and who would get the spoils. Impreza's performance in these competitions were all reasonable and the majority of the dota community had thought that they had settled down and got over the losses of the two players.

In a surprise twist however, Paul ' lemion ' Ng announced that Impreza has decided to call it quits and will be disbanded without furthur ado. He also changed his reason for leaving the team, stating that "Impreza just was not improving for me, I quit the team."

Paul ' lemion ' Ng has already been accepted into KingSurf's DotA team's roster to replace Ks-Bouncy.

The future of the remaining Impreza member's however remain a unknown.

We at GosuGamers wishes the rest of the ImpreZa member's good luck in finding a new team as well as their personal life and we wish lemion the best of
luck in his stay at KingSurf.

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