ESL's Nation Cup now with DotA

Electronic Sports League announced DotA as a part of discipline in ENC 2009.

Today, ESL proudly presents Defense of the Ancients as one of the game that will be included in European Nations Championship 2009. DotA is finally been chosen as one of the discipline in the championship after four years of successful ENC action. Unfortunately, there will be no prize money for DotA since this is the first year it will be played in ENC.

European Nations Championship, ENC is an eSports tournament presented by Electronic Sports League, ESL and the purpose is to find the best team in various games all across the European countries. For DotA, twelve teams will play under the tag of their own countries to determine which team is the best in Europe.

As for now, six countries have already booked their place in the championship including Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, and Norway while the other six places will be decided through the qualification stages.

We all wishes the participating teams all the best in the championship.

For further informations, about the list of participants and the play mode for the championship, enter the link below.

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