ESWC owner enter liquidation

ESWC owner enter liquidation

The parent company of ESWC, Games-Services, is undergoing liquidation which means all bisuness operation will cease to exist and all employees and managers will be relieved from their duties. This stands clear after yesterday's press release on Games-Services.com.

Should Games-Services have enough assets to pay their debts, another company might take over after an organized "trade-in or resale of the company's assets" which includes the Electronic Sports World Cup and the website overgame.com.

Earlier reports and press releases surfaced the financial difficulties the company were experiencing, which forced a postponement of the Grand Finals.

The ESWC Masters of Cheonan, financed by local sponsors in South Korea, will still take place from May 2 to 5.

Paris, April 5, 2009
Games-Services SA ceases all activities. Its liquidation has been pronounced by the Commercial Court of Paris March 30, 2009. In consequence, all the employees and managers have been relieved from their duties and laid off April 2nd, by the adjudication. The process of liquidation, which is starting this week, will notably organize the potential trade-in or resale of the company’s assets including the Electronic Sports World Cup and Overgame. tepuktangantepuktangan

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