IceFrog: Quick update about 6.60

IceFrog: Quick update about 6.60

A lot of people are waiting for the next version of the DotA Allstars map. IceFrog knows that and thus he keeps updating his blog regularly with new information about the development.

There are many heroes getting at least one changed ability...
there is a lot of development, according to his site. IceFrog plans ample changes to the upcoming version. The only specific change he mentions is the Aghanim's Scepter. In 6.60 this item will not only improve the ultimates of intelligence heroes any more. Besides that he plans a lot of item and hero changes, and not to forget the new Tauren Chief hero.

My hope is that it doesn't take too much longer.
Another new feature he mentions is the dynamic terrain morphing command, which allows every single player to change the terrain for himself at any point of the game.

The full blog entry can be found at his personal homepage www.IceFrog.com

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