ESL Major Series IV - Ready to take off

ESL Major Series IV - Ready to take off

After the first qualification round the teams for ESL Major Series IV are almost determined. The winner of each qualifier and the seeded teams are already in the main group stage, while the rest of the teams will have to fight in another qualifier to fill the last spots of the main event.

Teams directly qualified for the gruop stage

Europe KingSurf International
Europe Kingdom.dota
Denmark Roskilde Ravens
Sweden SK
Europe Team Dignitas
Ukraine DTS.Chatrix
Denmark Rebuy and Pwn 'Em
Sweden Mouz.dota

Teams starting in qualifier round 2

Europe GFC-Gaming.DotA
Europe Xeo Divine.Dota
Ukraine Team HardTeam
Romania l Got Game
Romania neXtPlease Gaming
Germany diamondZ.DotA
Canada Evil Geniuses
United States Lust Is So Good

Teams starting in qualifier round 1

Europe Eight-Ball
Sweden Nudes In Bunny Slippers
Romania asdf
Romania AirWalk
Germany invidious
Germany myKelmouz.DotA
Italy Team Impact
Bulgaria RetireD fRoM DotA Scene
United Kingdom 4 Kings
Russia ArtCore
Croatia Zara
Portugal ENERGIE 5
France Argh DotA Clan
Poland D-Link PGS DotA

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