DTS manager in the spotlight.

DTS: v1lat in the spotlight

An interview with DTS.Chatrix’s manager regarding to the team’s future with two new players in their roster now.

Recently, DTS.Chatrix DotA team has added two new players into the team, LigtOfHeaven and Artstyle after the departure of their former leader, Axypa who will be playing with another Ukrainian team MyRevenge.UA.

LightOfHeaven was the former Rush3D player before the team was disbanded for quite some time, while Artstyle was the former leader for the Ukrainian DotA team, HardTeam. Unfortunately, the team seems to be playing poorly as they lost to the Australian DotA powerhouse, sGty in Farm 4 Fame 9 recently.

As for that, the news editor from Replays.net, ‘Last.spirit’ conducted an interview with the DTS manager, v1lat about the future of the new DTS.Chatrix DotA and ‘Last.spirit’ brings us the translation of it:

We all know that DTS.Chatrix currently is facing some changes as the team added LightOfHeaven and Artstyle to the DTS roster. What is your expectation for them?
-Recently, due to changes in DotA version, we had some problem with the tactics, game picks and etc. So we need something like "fresh blood" for the team, and Light is perfect for this role. DTS guys and Light have been good friends for quite some time, and we want to see him in the team much earlier and when he was dropped from Rush3D roster, we offered him a contract. I think that in the upcoming DTS Cup we’ll see what does it mean by Light's surprise. As for Artstyle, he’s a very strong old-style Ukrainian player and he wants to play with GO[blin], Travka, Light and the other DTS players. So we think he'll be a great replacement for Axypa.

We know that Axypa plays support role in the team. After his departure, who actually do you think can fulfill his role?
-You know that 6.59d version is like a completely new thing. Most of the top teams play without full-support heroes and this role is not that important now. But of course we have Moelie and GO[blin] who can play Warlock, CM and other support heroes at a great level.

Which team is Axypa playing with now?
-Axypa is now playing in a new Ukrainian team, MyRevenge.UA (strong German organization) and I think now he can show the world, that he is a great player not only at support-heroes since he is something like the "leader" in his new team.

How about your team’s training? You guys have been playing online or offline?
-We have a schedule (as any other pro-teams have), and of course we're training online. Five days a week, five to six hours each day. Training consists of replays and strategies analyzing, lane practices and of course Clan War. You can find me, or any of our members to play a CW at #dts-gaming @ Quakenet,that is IF you have a strong team of course .

Now, can you tell me the roles of each player in DTS?
-A lot of our fans are talking about DTS – a team of five carry players. This is not true actually. Each of our players can be very good at heroes like Tinker, Sand King and even Crystal Maiden. Everybody knows how strong is GO[blin] using Leshrac, Chen and Warlock. We have a new line-up and it is hard to actually determine the roles of each player in the team. And one more! GO[blin] once played Demon Witch at full-support with seven kills and zero die. XD

I think DTS now has enough good players to beat any team from the world but in the new round of F4F game, the team lost to the Australian team, sGty. Why?
-First of all, the reason is we had to play using US Host Bot. It was like 0.5-0.9 delay. Secondly, those Australians are really worst match for us. We haven't won any game versus them (CW, KOKC, F4F) and of course they picked very well. As for now, F4F is like practices for us to try out new strategies in battles.

What is DTS planning for this year?
-We'll attend all ASUS tournaments, DTS Cup and also Dream Hack. We'll also try to do anything to play as good as we were last year. We’ll surprise our fans and sponsors. We have great sponsors, so I think we can attend any LAN tournaments, even in Asia.

The former Rush3D players came to China and they met many strong teams like 7L. Did you check out their replays? What do you think about Chinese DotA teams?
-Oh yeah, the one that Rush3D lost to 7L and that game was really interesting, We've analyzed some of the replays (since Chinese teams are something like the idea generators) and we know that teams like 7L, EHOME and Team PV(or something like this) are quite amazing sometimes. But it is hard to play with them at Garena, because of the connection issues.

Last but not least, do you want to say something to the DTS fans in China?
-Of course. We love you guys, and your support is important to us. I think we'll visit China soon, and we'll have a chance to meet in real life. We’ll try our best!

GosuGamers wishes the new DTS.Chatrix DotA best of luck in the future.

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