DTS: Artstyle joins, Axypa leaves

Axypa left DTS.Chatrix DotA and will be replaced by Artstyle.

Today, the leader of DTS.Chatrix DotA, Bogdan "Axypa" Boychuk has left the team and will be joining another Ukrainian DotA team, MyRevenge.UA. Now, his role in DTS will be fulfilled by Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov, the former HardTeam player.

Artstyle seems to be a good addition for the team since he was also a part of Wolk3R Gaming a year ago. As we know, the current roster for DTS is built from the former WG players, after the team was disbanded for quite some time. Artstyle was also the former leader and inspirer for HardTeam DotA and hopefully he will be a good replacement for Axypa as the team captain for DTS.

Now, the DTS.Chatrix DotA roster will consist of:

  • Ukraine v1lat (Manager)
  • Ukraine GO[blin]
  • Ukraine Travka
  • Ukraine DkPhobos
  • Russia LightOfHeaven
  • Ukraine Artstyle
  • Ukraine Moelie

    We all wishes Axypa and Artstyle best of luck in their future career with their new teams.

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