ADC Championship 2009!

After the success of ADC08 Garena is proud to present you with Asia DotA Championship 09! Registrations will open on June 1st and end on June 15th. The registration is free and every team has the opportunity to play against some of the best Asian DotA teams. All teams will be required to play a qualifiers to win a spot in the regular season.

Prize Distribution for Season II: $4350 USD to be won

Champion: $1,200
Runner-up: $800
2nd Runner-up: $600
4th Place: $400
5th Place: $350
6th Place: $300
7th Place: $250
8th Place: $200
9th Place: $150
10th Place: $100

There are three phases in ADC09, the qualifier, regular season, and the playoffs.


Qualifiers will be held in 10 regions. All teams can participate in this largest Asia DotA online tournament. Qualifier format will be Best of 1, Single Elimination until 4 teams are remaining. Semi Final and Final matches are in Best of 3, Single Elimination mode. The winner of each region will advance to Regular Season Stage.

The 10 Qualifier Regions:
1. Singapore Singapore
2. China China
3. Malaysia Malaysia
4. Thailand Thailand
5. Indonesia Indonesia
6. Philippines Philippines
7. Vietnam Vietnam
8. South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh)
9. East Asia (Japan, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Korea)
10. Australia & New Zealand

Regular Season
Regular season consists of 10 teams and is played in Round Robin format. Each team is required to play 9 matches per season, once against each of the other teams. In regular season, games will be played in best of 3 format.

Matches are to be played between Thursday 0:01 am GMT+8 and Wednesday 11:59 pm GMT+8 once a week. This period is being referred to as "Playday". There will be 9 Playdays in totally. 1 Playday per week and the regular season will last for 9 weeks.

The teams with the ranks #1 and #2 will directly enter Playoff. The clans with the ranks 3 - 6 will have to play a playup match, consisting of #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5. Winners will be qualified for the Playoff.

Season Final
Season Final will be played after regular season. Games will be in Best of 3, Double Elimination format.

Registration Information

Sign-ups will be open on June 1st! ADC 2009 will be using the Garena Tournament System together with Garena forum. Please register a team on the system first to get ready for sign-up!
Sign-up threads will be created for each region. Teams are to signup on the Garena Tournament System first, then post the player list as well as leader contact information in the respective sign-up thread. If the player list in the sign-up thread differs from the GTS team list, forum thread will be the indicator.

More details of registration will be released on June 1st upon opening of registration.

Guide on How to Create a Team -
Link to Qualifier Rule -
Garena ADC Championship -

Updates on 6.60 and Dota-Allstars.com

IceFrog and Dota-Allstars no more?

The following statements were released on IceFrog’s personal blog, he stated the following information regarding himself and the future of Dota-Allstars.com website, along with the not too distant release of Dota version 6.60

“As a result of some differences, I am no longer affiliated with the dota-allstars.com website. I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone over there the best of luck in the future“.
- Submitted by IceFrog on Thu, 05/14/2009

According to IceFrog he is looking for contributors for his brand new DotA community website. He plans on continuing his work on developing and improving DotA considering his disagreements with DotA-Allstars.com. If you are interested in being involved in any way you can send IceFrog an email here IceFrog@gmail.com

The following statement was recently released on IceFrog’s personal blog regarding the very soon release of 6.60!

"First, I want to thank everyone for their emails in the past week or so. Things have been kind of hectic lately. Even though I usually don't like to give a schedule, you guys have been very patient. My plan is to release 6.60 in early June and I am doing my best to make sure that there are no further delays. If a feature or change still needs more work, I'll try to save it for the next version instead so I can get this in your hands asap".
Submitted by IceFrog on Thu, 05/28/2009

Some things to look forward to from the 6.60 release according to IceFrog.

-Many new items (at least 5)
-Ability changes on old heroes
-Hero remakes and a new hero or two
-A new regeneration system for structures will be active only when they are attacked without creeps/corpses nearby

"That is just a brief summary; there are a lot more interesting miscellaneous changes and features, but I'll save the rest for the changelog". - IceFrog

I myself am very excited to hear of a new community site for DotA, and the soon release of 6.60 that everyone has long awaited for. We at DotaGamers would like to wish IceFrog the best of luck in the future, as he strives to advance the world of DotA even further.

IceFrog - IceFrog's Blog
IceFrog@Gmail.com - IceFrog's Email


ESL Major Series Season IV

The next step on EMS IV is defined, eight teams will fight the relegation. These matches will decide which teams will continue in the competition and the ones which will be knocked out. Take a look at how it's going to happen:

Romania neXtPlease Gaming vs. Germany Team Thermaltake.DoTa

Ukraine DTS Chatrix vs. Bulgaria RetireD fRoM DotA Scene

United States Team Teen Titans vs. Romania I Got Game

Europe Xeo Divine.Dota vs. Poland Low HP Gaming

The games are scheduled to May, 31th and, of course, we are covering them.

ESL IV - Source


Another New team: Reality.DotA

Last Wednesday, Fragster announced that a new team was formed. The name of the moment is Reality.DotA and it comes with a strong line-up formed by European players. They are:

Germany Mirsad 'DeMeNt' Djokovic
Germany Alec 'v1ctOry' Güre
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
Sweden Erik 'zoN-' Falk
Sweden Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson
Sweden Misha 'UnPapayaCoconut' Kisch

As you know, some of these players were out of the DotA scene for a while. zoN, for example, was from SK-Gaming long time ago, while PlaymatE was without a team for some time after MYM finished. But everyone knows their strength, what they did for their old teams and what they can do for Reality.DotA now.

Statement by DeMeNt
It was more or less a spontaneously decision to form that team, since my clan disband and went inactive for a period of time, i was bored to scrim with other teams and thats the reason i formed Reality.DotA with some friends.
We dont know yet, which player will take what role, we are currently trying out some gamestyles and to be honest, evem PlaymatE had to play some supporter heroes as well :p!
The main goal right now is to win the playoffs through the division 2b in the dota-league. We want to practice a bit in the division 1 and gather some experience as a new formed team.
Its always hard to find a sponsor, when you dont have the neeeded credits with the team, but there are big chances we can earn them in division 1 and show the sponsors out there, how strong this team can be.
I am glad, that everything is running perfectly at the moment, but the time will tell!

Best regards

We at DotaGamers wish them the best on their way to success, and we hope to see them in action soon.

Fragster.de - Source


DTS-CUP ready for action

After weeks and weeks of qualifying stage, the 16 available slots are now filled with the best of best. Once more, DTS-CUP shows everyone it deserves the status of an important event on international DotA scene. All battles set by the non-invited teams were really hard and thrilling, and the efforts were rewarded at the end to the winners.

The event is increasing it's prizes every year. DTS-CUP 2008 gave to the finalists the amount of $1000 to the first place, $600 to the second, $400 to the third and $200 to the fourth. This year, the prizes are much better: $3000 to the winner and a cup, $2000 to the second and $1000 to the third placed. Big prizes equals to big rivalry, that means players with more than enough motivation to give their best on each game, and that's what everyone wants to see.

The only thing everyone will dislike is the absence of some high-level teams. Because of different reasons, many teams denied the invitation, but it doesn't mean the tournament will have it's quality lowered: as said before, the qualifying stages were really good, maybe these will surprise the tops.

See below the list of the participating teams.

01. Ukraine DTS.chatrix - invited team
02. Ukraine GZ
03. Ukraine HardTeam - invited team
04. Ukraine iron^Balls
05. Ukraine MyR.Ua
06. Ukraine UaStyle
07. Russia Top Gun
09. Denmark Ravens - invited team
10. Germany Ks.Int - invited team
11. Romania nExt!please Dota - invited team
12. Belarus CosmosTV
13. Kazakhstan Os|One
14. Europe z.69
15. Ukraine HellRaisers
16. Ukraine MVP

The finals are set to May 16-17th and the winners rewarding, on the end of the day.

Dota Gamers wish the best for all participants of DTS-CUP, hope you enjoy the event.

DTS-CUP - Source


IceFrog's Blog | 1.24 And Beyond

In his latest blog entry Icefrog urges the Dota community to keep their warcraft III updated with the latest patch available(currently 1.23). He also unveils another exciting feature of the all-awaited 6.60; the new shop layout.

IceFrog emphasized on the importance of the new patches. He explained: "it is important to the development of DotA for players to have the latest Blizzard patches". He highlighted that these patches are important as they provide new "security features" and "map development functionality". Furthermore he said that this problem mainly persists in the net cafes where the systems are locked to prevent new software from being installed. Therefore it is suggested that the users of these cafes make an effort and request to the managers/owners of these places for the updates.

In the build-up to the upcoming 6.60 Icefrog has yet again revealed one of the many changes that the new map will bring. Based on suggestions that he received from the community, he has decided to remake the shop layout. He acknowledges that such changes are not always welcomed by the older players but insists this is an important development which he believes will make "correctly guessing where an item is an easy task for both existing and new players alike".

Here is a preview of the new layout:


GuerillaMethod announced their brand new DotA channel sponsored by netplus cybercafé.

After a few months of hard work, GuerillaMethod finally succeed to set up their own DotA channel which is sponsored by one of the famous Serbian cybercafé, netplus. As for now, they are still in the Beta Phase and they are accepting new users to their channel.

For those who are interested to join the community, you can write a Vouch Request in their official forum. The objective of the project is to create a new DotA community by gathering only high-skilled and good mannered players from all around the world.

GuerillaMethod is well known as one of the finest gaming organization in Serbia, sponsoring teams for various games (PES, FIFA, CoD and many more). As for this year they have decided to add a DotA team to their gaming section known as GM.Net+. They team was created basically with the former players from the Serbian DotA powerhouse, 4gl.KGB as they seem very good in team after winning the 3rd place in Farm4Fame#4.

GuerillaMethod is one of the finest gaming organizations. We have been working on all kind of games from sport games (PES, FIFA, Football Manager...) to action games (Counter Strike, CoD, Quake…). Our teams have won many cups and competitions over the past few years.

This year we decided to move on and get our organization to a higher level, by adding one of the most popular games in world, Warcraft 3 TFT, DotA map. We first made our DotA team, GM.Net+ and then we decided to make a DotA gaming section in our organization. After a few months of hard work, sponsored by the well known Serbian’s net cafe netplus, GuerillaMethod launched a DotA gaming channel for the most mannered and skilled players.

Using IRC as the chat client and Garena as the gaming platform, we provide you one of the finest gaming DotA communities ever, with most mannered and skilled players.

At the moment we are in Beta Phase and we are accepting new users, so feel free to write a Vouch Request and join us. We expect to see all of you on our forums and in our channel!

Best wishes and regards,
GuerillaMethod Admin Crew.

Dota Gamers wishes GuerillaMethod best of luck organizing the project.

For more information, you can visit their IRC channel on Quakenet, #GM.DotA or follow the link below.

News provided by DEVIL92.


SGNDT 2009 Official Press Release

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. (SMM) announced The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2009 (SGNDT 09’) after four years successfully organizing the event.

The SGNDT 2009 qualifying rounds will start on the 30th of May and will run consecutively through ten states in Malaysia before proceeding to the Grand Final which will be held in the capital city of Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur, from the 27th till 29th of November.

The participants who succeed in each state-qualifying round by either winning the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place will proceed to the Grand Final and will be given an opportunity to compete amongst participants of international level. As for this year, the event offers a grand prize of RM 135,000 overall to be won.

As for international participants from Europe, US and Asia, registration processes will be conducted for teams who are interested to join the SGNDT 2009.

Furthermore, the international participants will automatically book their places in SGNDT 2009 Grand Final without any registration fees required.

Last year, the event was nominated by The Malaysia Book of Records for the “Highest Prize Money in a PC Gaming Tournament” and “Most International Participants in a Single Game Event” where 60 teams from seven countries took part in the event including Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China, and Russia with the grand prize of over RM 120,000 given.

Prize Distributions:

State Qualifier Prizes

Champion : RM2,000 Cash + Medal
1st Runner-up : RM1,000 Cash + Medal
2nd Runner-up : RM600 Cash + Medal
3rd Runner-up : RM300 Cash
All participants : SMM Goodies Bags

Grand Final Prizes

Champion : RM42,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
1st Runner-up : RM20,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
2nd Runner-up : RM13,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
3rd Runner-up : RM8,000 Cash + Sponsors Product
5th Place : RM2,000 Cash + Sponsors Product
6th Place : RM1,500 Cash + Sponsors Product
7th Place : RM1,300 Cash + Sponsors Product
8th Place : RM1,100 Cash + Sponsors Product

Dota Gamers wishes the participating teams all the best in the tournament.

For more information, you can enter the link below.

SGNDT 2009 - Source


Unique-Esport.dota has been formed

The ugly duckling has become a swan. Donald Duck is ready as a leader of Unique-Esports new dota squad.

Recently a lot of teams have disbanded, but finally a new team is ready is ready to join the competetive scene. The multi-gaming clan Unique-Esports just picked up a dota-squad. The team is led by former Ravens player Denmark Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgaard, who collected a bunch of danish players and one british player. Among the danish players we have Denmark StoDDeReN, who used to play from MeT before they became Ravens, and we have Denmark Valeur and Denmark Calculus, who recently left RapE.dota.

The team will consist of:
Denmark Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgaard (leader)
Denmark Jeppe "Valeur" Valeur
Denmark Alexander "CalculuS" Rathcke
Denmark Oliver "DuRuM" Fontaine
United Kingdom Jason "Ich1go" Wong
Denmark Thomas 'StoDDeReN' Gregersen

Official statement by Leader Donald-Duck:
"We are very thrilled to be a part of Unique Esports, a brand new organization for a brand new team on the Dota scene! Our expectations is that, with the help of Unique Esports and Zowiegear, we will be able to play up there with the best of the best! As of now, the team is still new, but we`re practicing alot so that we can get there fast."

Official statement by CEO Adam McClements:
"DotA is a game on the rising in popularity and this team is by far up there with the top 10 of DotA teams. This is why I`m happy to welcome them in unique-esports. These guys have achieved a lot in the past and now have new goals set at unique-esports to become the #1 DotA team around which unique-esports will help and support them to achieve the goals they have set."

And furthermore here on GosuGamers we got an exclusive interview with player Denmark Jeppe Valeur:

First can you give us a short describsion of the team? I mean who plays what and so on?
Well, we're still figuring out our roles in the team per-say, since we have a lot of different players with alot of different strengths. As for now Donald-Duck is taking on the roles of support mostly, a role which CalculuS, Durum and StoDDereN will be helping him with, while they play their own roles as gank heroes. Ich1go, our asian wonderkid from Brittain, will he carrying our team to win most of games.

Donald is the leader ingame, since he has most experience by far, and while some still doubt his skills - you certainly cannot doubt his aptitude and knowledge of the game, and with a more relaxed and friendly environment he'll get to unfold his true potential. He is also a really mannered and good captain, and as some of our players are quite new to playing on a high-level, we are all eager to learn and Donald is eager to teach from experience, and it's working out great so far.

As mentioned you are still a new team, but Donald claimed in his official statement that you soon will be among the very best. Isn't that a bit early to say?
Well, we are expecting to be among the very best AT SOME POINT. We're realistic, and we know that we still have a long way to go, but I'd definately say that the potential is there, and we just need practice, practice and practice, so we can bond together with a team and find out how to compliment each other in the best way. There are currently only a few un-beat-ables like Ks.Int, Ravens and EG, rest of the top teams, with full respect to all, are certainly inside our shooting range.

Already we have scrimmed with several 'top' teams and have come out victorious more than once! :)

But now Pick-League is just over and EMS just started without you. So in what tournaments do you expect to particitate within the nearest future?
As a matter of fact, it fits us nicely that we have some time to practice before we're thrown into the mix, but we will of course sign up for every tournament possible - perhaps the new pick-league, ESL and so on. As the dota-scene is right now, tournaments appear and disappear at various times, so it's impossible to tell at the moment. But we will be there!

What about LAN-events? Are you planning to participate in tournaments like Dreamhack and The-Experience?
The Experience in Roskilde is probably a bit too soon and costy, for the team and sponsors. We will however, as Unique Dota garners support get to some lans, so yeah, you might see us at dreamhack (where we'll own, because we have so much lan-experience from my appartment!)

Im sure a lot of people are looking forward to that, especially the owning part :). But for now thanks for the interview and good luck with the team. Any shoutouts?
Yeah, I'd like to make a shout-out to RapE-Dota which was the team that made me want to play competitively, and for all the great times we had. Also a shout-out to Jamboos mother, who is still the best piece of tail on the block - a shout-out to all the brasilians that hate on Donald: I'm right there hating with you! And of course a big shout-out to Unique-Esports and ZOWIEGEAR.

Unique Esports -

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