Another New team: Reality.DotA

Last Wednesday, Fragster announced that a new team was formed. The name of the moment is Reality.DotA and it comes with a strong line-up formed by European players. They are:

Germany Mirsad 'DeMeNt' Djokovic
Germany Alec 'v1ctOry' Güre
Denmark Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija
Sweden Erik 'zoN-' Falk
Sweden Tim 'XoYnoZnU' Lundell Johansson
Sweden Misha 'UnPapayaCoconut' Kisch

As you know, some of these players were out of the DotA scene for a while. zoN, for example, was from SK-Gaming long time ago, while PlaymatE was without a team for some time after MYM finished. But everyone knows their strength, what they did for their old teams and what they can do for Reality.DotA now.

Statement by DeMeNt
It was more or less a spontaneously decision to form that team, since my clan disband and went inactive for a period of time, i was bored to scrim with other teams and thats the reason i formed Reality.DotA with some friends.
We dont know yet, which player will take what role, we are currently trying out some gamestyles and to be honest, evem PlaymatE had to play some supporter heroes as well :p!
The main goal right now is to win the playoffs through the division 2b in the dota-league. We want to practice a bit in the division 1 and gather some experience as a new formed team.
Its always hard to find a sponsor, when you dont have the neeeded credits with the team, but there are big chances we can earn them in division 1 and show the sponsors out there, how strong this team can be.
I am glad, that everything is running perfectly at the moment, but the time will tell!

Best regards

We at DotaGamers wish them the best on their way to success, and we hope to see them in action soon.

Fragster.de - Source

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