GuerillaMethod Launches New DotA Community.

GuerillaMethod announced their brand new DotA channel sponsored by netplus cybercafé.

After a few months of hard work, GuerillaMethod finally succeed to set up their own DotA channel which is sponsored by one of the famous Serbian cybercafé, netplus. As for now, they are still in the Beta Phase and they are accepting new users to their channel.

For those who are interested to join the community, you can write a Vouch Request in their official forum. The objective of the project is to create a new DotA community by gathering only high-skilled and good mannered players from all around the world.

GuerillaMethod is well known as one of the finest gaming organization in Serbia, sponsoring teams for various games (PES, FIFA, CoD and many more). As for this year they have decided to add a DotA team to their gaming section known as GM.Net+. They team was created basically with the former players from the Serbian DotA powerhouse, 4gl.KGB as they seem very good in team after winning the 3rd place in Farm4Fame#4.

GuerillaMethod is one of the finest gaming organizations. We have been working on all kind of games from sport games (PES, FIFA, Football Manager...) to action games (Counter Strike, CoD, Quake…). Our teams have won many cups and competitions over the past few years.

This year we decided to move on and get our organization to a higher level, by adding one of the most popular games in world, Warcraft 3 TFT, DotA map. We first made our DotA team, GM.Net+ and then we decided to make a DotA gaming section in our organization. After a few months of hard work, sponsored by the well known Serbian’s net cafe netplus, GuerillaMethod launched a DotA gaming channel for the most mannered and skilled players.

Using IRC as the chat client and Garena as the gaming platform, we provide you one of the finest gaming DotA communities ever, with most mannered and skilled players.

At the moment we are in Beta Phase and we are accepting new users, so feel free to write a Vouch Request and join us. We expect to see all of you on our forums and in our channel!

Best wishes and regards,
GuerillaMethod Admin Crew.

Dota Gamers wishes GuerillaMethod best of luck organizing the project.

For more information, you can visit their IRC channel on Quakenet, #GM.DotA or follow the link below.

News provided by DEVIL92.

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