Unique-Esport.dota has been formed

The ugly duckling has become a swan. Donald Duck is ready as a leader of Unique-Esports new dota squad.

Recently a lot of teams have disbanded, but finally a new team is ready is ready to join the competetive scene. The multi-gaming clan Unique-Esports just picked up a dota-squad. The team is led by former Ravens player Denmark Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgaard, who collected a bunch of danish players and one british player. Among the danish players we have Denmark StoDDeReN, who used to play from MeT before they became Ravens, and we have Denmark Valeur and Denmark Calculus, who recently left RapE.dota.

The team will consist of:
Denmark Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgaard (leader)
Denmark Jeppe "Valeur" Valeur
Denmark Alexander "CalculuS" Rathcke
Denmark Oliver "DuRuM" Fontaine
United Kingdom Jason "Ich1go" Wong
Denmark Thomas 'StoDDeReN' Gregersen

Official statement by Leader Donald-Duck:
"We are very thrilled to be a part of Unique Esports, a brand new organization for a brand new team on the Dota scene! Our expectations is that, with the help of Unique Esports and Zowiegear, we will be able to play up there with the best of the best! As of now, the team is still new, but we`re practicing alot so that we can get there fast."

Official statement by CEO Adam McClements:
"DotA is a game on the rising in popularity and this team is by far up there with the top 10 of DotA teams. This is why I`m happy to welcome them in unique-esports. These guys have achieved a lot in the past and now have new goals set at unique-esports to become the #1 DotA team around which unique-esports will help and support them to achieve the goals they have set."

And furthermore here on GosuGamers we got an exclusive interview with player Denmark Jeppe Valeur:

First can you give us a short describsion of the team? I mean who plays what and so on?
Well, we're still figuring out our roles in the team per-say, since we have a lot of different players with alot of different strengths. As for now Donald-Duck is taking on the roles of support mostly, a role which CalculuS, Durum and StoDDereN will be helping him with, while they play their own roles as gank heroes. Ich1go, our asian wonderkid from Brittain, will he carrying our team to win most of games.

Donald is the leader ingame, since he has most experience by far, and while some still doubt his skills - you certainly cannot doubt his aptitude and knowledge of the game, and with a more relaxed and friendly environment he'll get to unfold his true potential. He is also a really mannered and good captain, and as some of our players are quite new to playing on a high-level, we are all eager to learn and Donald is eager to teach from experience, and it's working out great so far.

As mentioned you are still a new team, but Donald claimed in his official statement that you soon will be among the very best. Isn't that a bit early to say?
Well, we are expecting to be among the very best AT SOME POINT. We're realistic, and we know that we still have a long way to go, but I'd definately say that the potential is there, and we just need practice, practice and practice, so we can bond together with a team and find out how to compliment each other in the best way. There are currently only a few un-beat-ables like Ks.Int, Ravens and EG, rest of the top teams, with full respect to all, are certainly inside our shooting range.

Already we have scrimmed with several 'top' teams and have come out victorious more than once! :)

But now Pick-League is just over and EMS just started without you. So in what tournaments do you expect to particitate within the nearest future?
As a matter of fact, it fits us nicely that we have some time to practice before we're thrown into the mix, but we will of course sign up for every tournament possible - perhaps the new pick-league, ESL and so on. As the dota-scene is right now, tournaments appear and disappear at various times, so it's impossible to tell at the moment. But we will be there!

What about LAN-events? Are you planning to participate in tournaments like Dreamhack and The-Experience?
The Experience in Roskilde is probably a bit too soon and costy, for the team and sponsors. We will however, as Unique Dota garners support get to some lans, so yeah, you might see us at dreamhack (where we'll own, because we have so much lan-experience from my appartment!)

Im sure a lot of people are looking forward to that, especially the owning part :). But for now thanks for the interview and good luck with the team. Any shoutouts?
Yeah, I'd like to make a shout-out to RapE-Dota which was the team that made me want to play competitively, and for all the great times we had. Also a shout-out to Jamboos mother, who is still the best piece of tail on the block - a shout-out to all the brasilians that hate on Donald: I'm right there hating with you! And of course a big shout-out to Unique-Esports and ZOWIEGEAR.

Unique Esports -

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