DTS-CUP ready for action

After weeks and weeks of qualifying stage, the 16 available slots are now filled with the best of best. Once more, DTS-CUP shows everyone it deserves the status of an important event on international DotA scene. All battles set by the non-invited teams were really hard and thrilling, and the efforts were rewarded at the end to the winners.

The event is increasing it's prizes every year. DTS-CUP 2008 gave to the finalists the amount of $1000 to the first place, $600 to the second, $400 to the third and $200 to the fourth. This year, the prizes are much better: $3000 to the winner and a cup, $2000 to the second and $1000 to the third placed. Big prizes equals to big rivalry, that means players with more than enough motivation to give their best on each game, and that's what everyone wants to see.

The only thing everyone will dislike is the absence of some high-level teams. Because of different reasons, many teams denied the invitation, but it doesn't mean the tournament will have it's quality lowered: as said before, the qualifying stages were really good, maybe these will surprise the tops.

See below the list of the participating teams.

01. Ukraine DTS.chatrix - invited team
02. Ukraine GZ
03. Ukraine HardTeam - invited team
04. Ukraine iron^Balls
05. Ukraine MyR.Ua
06. Ukraine UaStyle
07. Russia Top Gun
09. Denmark Ravens - invited team
10. Germany Ks.Int - invited team
11. Romania nExt!please Dota - invited team
12. Belarus CosmosTV
13. Kazakhstan Os|One
14. Europe z.69
15. Ukraine HellRaisers
16. Ukraine MVP

The finals are set to May 16-17th and the winners rewarding, on the end of the day.

Dota Gamers wish the best for all participants of DTS-CUP, hope you enjoy the event.

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