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In his latest blog entry Icefrog urges the Dota community to keep their warcraft III updated with the latest patch available(currently 1.23). He also unveils another exciting feature of the all-awaited 6.60; the new shop layout.

IceFrog emphasized on the importance of the new patches. He explained: "it is important to the development of DotA for players to have the latest Blizzard patches". He highlighted that these patches are important as they provide new "security features" and "map development functionality". Furthermore he said that this problem mainly persists in the net cafes where the systems are locked to prevent new software from being installed. Therefore it is suggested that the users of these cafes make an effort and request to the managers/owners of these places for the updates.

In the build-up to the upcoming 6.60 Icefrog has yet again revealed one of the many changes that the new map will bring. Based on suggestions that he received from the community, he has decided to remake the shop layout. He acknowledges that such changes are not always welcomed by the older players but insists this is an important development which he believes will make "correctly guessing where an item is an easy task for both existing and new players alike".

Here is a preview of the new layout:

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