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SGNDT 2009 Official Press Release

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Sdn. Bhd. (SMM) announced The Sendi Mutiara Multimedia Grand National DotA Tournament 2009 (SGNDT 09’) after four years successfully organizing the event.

The SGNDT 2009 qualifying rounds will start on the 30th of May and will run consecutively through ten states in Malaysia before proceeding to the Grand Final which will be held in the capital city of Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur, from the 27th till 29th of November.

The participants who succeed in each state-qualifying round by either winning the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place will proceed to the Grand Final and will be given an opportunity to compete amongst participants of international level. As for this year, the event offers a grand prize of RM 135,000 overall to be won.

As for international participants from Europe, US and Asia, registration processes will be conducted for teams who are interested to join the SGNDT 2009.

Furthermore, the international participants will automatically book their places in SGNDT 2009 Grand Final without any registration fees required.

Last year, the event was nominated by The Malaysia Book of Records for the “Highest Prize Money in a PC Gaming Tournament” and “Most International Participants in a Single Game Event” where 60 teams from seven countries took part in the event including Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China, and Russia with the grand prize of over RM 120,000 given.

Prize Distributions:

State Qualifier Prizes

Champion : RM2,000 Cash + Medal
1st Runner-up : RM1,000 Cash + Medal
2nd Runner-up : RM600 Cash + Medal
3rd Runner-up : RM300 Cash
All participants : SMM Goodies Bags

Grand Final Prizes

Champion : RM42,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
1st Runner-up : RM20,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
2nd Runner-up : RM13,000 Cash + Trophy + Sponsors Product
3rd Runner-up : RM8,000 Cash + Sponsors Product
5th Place : RM2,000 Cash + Sponsors Product
6th Place : RM1,500 Cash + Sponsors Product
7th Place : RM1,300 Cash + Sponsors Product
8th Place : RM1,100 Cash + Sponsors Product

Dota Gamers wishes the participating teams all the best in the tournament.

For more information, you can enter the link below.

SGNDT 2009 - Source

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