Captains Draft Mode in 6.60

Icefrog has again revealed in his personal blog that there will be a new mode named Captains Draft in the upcoming version of DotA 6.60. It is basically a new mode, which is a mix of the current modes in DotA, Captains Mode (CM) and Random Draft (RD). Similar to the Captains Mode, each team will have a captain who is responsible for the drafting phase. The captain can only choose the heroes from a draft of 22 heroes, which is presented in a circle, same as in the Random Draft mode. After the drafting phase is over, the players can choose their heroes, which are placed on the starting area. Icefrog stated that, the reason he invented Captains Draft is for the players who prefer playing with a small hero selection and at the same time, they can enjoy the drafting experience same as in the competitive games.

As for now, Icefrog still has not decided the exact size of the heroes pool and he is looking forward to hear any suggestions from the players about the new mode.

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