Loda returns to MeetYourMakers

Jonathan "Loda" Berg has teamed up with MeetYourMakers after only a couple of days since the disbandment of SK-Gaming.

In what seem to be sarcastic and joke-filled statements, we hear what Loda himself and MYM's captain Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen have to say about the signing.

- As I wrote in my statement when I left SK I don't want to be the leadertype in a serious clan anymore so I'll gladly join the ranks of the team that no one could possibly love, says Loda and adds that he thinks the old story between him and Maelk won't bring any more trouble as they didn't know each other as good back then.

- We have been desperately looking for someone to fill the gap and get us groupies when we're at events. We tried it once before, but back then Loda was ten times as immature as he is now, so as long as there is an ignore-function on Ventrilo and he can have a lane of his own ingame, we'll make it work, says Maelk in the press release.

- Good luck Loda, may I bench every game you play in, says Maelk.

Loda made his debut yesterday in King of Kings Championship, carrying his new team to a win in the first game with Admiral Proudmoore. The remaining two games the charismatic Swede could see his team edge out a 2-1 win against the Danish lineup.

Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen

Brian "Mania" Strandby

Martin "Pusher-Street" Mogensen

Amel "Playmate" Barudzija

Jonathan "Loda" Berg

Ben "Merlini" Wu

Kai "H4nn1" Hanb├╝ckers

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