Blizzard introduces new Battle.net account

Blizzard launches a new battle.net account system. You can merge up to 8 World of Warcraft accounts, you can keep track of your CD-Keys and you can purchase games directly through battle.net.

Again Blizzard surprises us with a new, but not innovating, system. The new battle.net account can be seen as something like a steam account, where you can purchase games, manage up to eight World of Warcraft accounts with a single email address.
This system is only available for North America at this moment, but will soon be available for European and Korean accounts as well.

At this very moment the only affected game is World of Warcraft. It does not affect your Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo accounts in any way. This system will be used for the upcoming StarCraft II and Diablo III although, so you will have a streamlined account across all the games, along with the ability to use the authenticator for that account if you so choose.

You can use your account to access the forums, and like in the World of Warcraft forums, select your character out of all your accounts. Nevertheless the other forums, like Diablo II and/or the existing Starcraft II forum can only be accessed the old way.

Blizzard says, that games published in future, will require such a new battle.net account. Blizzard promises a high-quality user experience and customer support.

The system behind the account, and its features shall be expanded constantly, so they plan to add tools that make it easier for the community to find together, and ease communication between friends in games.

If you register, you have the chance to win a Starcraft II beta key.

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