Vigoss is no longer in Ks.int.

Vigoss is now officially not a part of "Ks.int" anymore according to an official statement from "Ks.int" manager Ks-Eryc.

Vigoss, also known as a former member of Virtus.Pro has leave Ks.int after being inactive for some period of time. The mystery of Vigoss being inactive finally solved, after a statement from Ks-eryc which said that Vigoss is no longer in Ks.int roster.

It seems that Vigoss will now follow the former Russian powerhouse Rush3D member, NS to form a new team. GosuGamers quotes:

"After losing contact with Vigoss for around 1 month, I have got a news from ns who told joliE that Vigoss will join ns's team. 2 months ago I got insider's new that one China gaming company tried to lure all of them away and make use the name of Virtus.Pro for marketing purpose. Now it become a truth and most sadly, I got this news from my China networks and with the confirmation from ns but not from Vigoss himself.
Of cause, this will not bring Ks.int down but We will continue our journey and grow stronger without Vigoss! Lastly, wish Vigoss a good luck in his future, hopefully he can enjoy his gaming life in other team." says Ks-eryc.

Lastly, we here at GosuGamers really hope that Vigoss will succeed in his career as a DotA player in his new team.

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