The newest Mouz players in the spotlight

An interview regarding the future of two new recruits from mousesports.DotA.

As we know, it was only like a month ago since mouz.Drayich revived Europe mousesports.DotA. Over the past weeks, their roster has changed a lot in order to fit the team well. Recently, the former Polish PGS player, Poland Radoslaw "Darky" Sobczyk and the ex Wicked-eSports player Germany"Fire" Kru were added to the roster.

An interview was conducted by DotA-league regarding the future of Darky and Fire with their new team mouz, one of the top European DotA clans which once dominated the international DotA scene not long ago with high-skilled players such as KuroKy, LevenT, Miracle and Twistd. The question is will mouz.Drayich once again lead his new team with a fresh roster to revive the era of domination in the international DotA scene.

You both recently joined the DotA team of mousesports. What were your reasons for this decision? How long did you play with the team before the actual join and how do you effort from it?

Fire: The reasons for me to join mouz are, hmm … I LOVE DRAY... No (laughes) I wanted a high-class team where i can do my best and ofcourse where it’s fun to play and that’s mouz for sure.

Darky: I played with mouz only for few days. From scrim to scrim we were doing better and better, and finally that ended in me joining mouz officially. I think the main reasons I joined mouz are: Great atmosphere in game/outside game, many ambitious and talented players and of course Papa Kim Drayich.

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