6.59d Will Be Out Soon

DotA map 6.59d will be out in one or two days according to a statement that was made in Icefrog's official blog.

6.59d will be a lot more stable map since some bugs and exploits have already been fixed. Icefrog will not be rushing to release 6.60 since a lot of work has to be done especially on the new hero Tauren Cheiftain.

GosuGamers quotes:

"I'll probably be releasing 6.59d in a day or two. There are a couple bugs/exploits that started appearing recently. While I know that some players don't like to keep downloading new maps, I think is best to fix this now instead of holding it off for 6.60 so it isn't too rushed.

That being said, I'm still working very actively on 6.60 development since I got my hardware problems fixed. I'll try to post a preview for it when it is close to release.

There will also be a few new language translations available at getdota.com when 6.60 is published. The site has been updated to more easily support the addition of extra languages with localized pages for each one. If your language doesn't appear at that point and you want to help translate, send me an email."

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