Roskilde Ravens adds moods

Ravens adds moods

In a very short period after wicked parted with his DotA team, with the option for moods to create a new team within the next 8-12 weeks he now teams up with the Danish DotA team Roskilde Ravens, formerly known as Mom equals Toilet.

The Rosklide Ravens roster now looks as following:

Denmark Alexander "Smiske" Troensegaard
Denmark Martin "AngeL" Olsen
Denmark Mikkel "miGGel" Berg
Denmark Rasmus "MiseRy-" Filipsen
Denmark Andreas "Donald-Duck" Søgård
Germany Leon "moods" Wolff

Due to this transfer it seems that wicked will remain without a German DotA team. Ravens added a solid sixth man to it's roster to strenghten their lineup.

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