4gl.KGB with changes

And the changes continue in the international DotA scene. After SerbiaBaja and Serbiag0g1 left Serbia4gl.KGB to join Francesrs, it became a bit quieter around the Serbian team.

To fill the gap, the new leader of 4gl.KGB, Serbiazep, managed to hire two new faces for the team.
The first newcomer has already been played with silentcat in EuropeDeuS. SerbiaBiGFiLL has already played numerous national tournaments and brings a lot of experince into the newly formed team.

SerbiaRiki, the second acquisition of the recently new built team, brings similar skill and will take the support/ganker role.

As if this are not enough news around the Serbian team, they also changed their main sponsor and are now known as SerbiaGM.Net+.

Serbiazep: After departure of Gordan and Baja we had to do something radical with the lineup. So we were searching for the new players who we found in our nearest friends. BigFill and Riki are exactly what the team needs and we are open for new challenges that we will overcome with great certainty. All you need to do is to hold your keyboards tight was watch how we storm our opponents , all the way to the top!

SerbiaBiGFiLL: I am very happy to be part of the team , i've been playing with these guys for years at lan parties and online.We have known each other for years and i guess this is just the winning combnation :D . As for the achivement's,all i got to say is : DONT miss out on the action,we will put on a nice SHOW !

SerbiaGM.Net+ lineup

Serbia zep

Serbia bane
Serbia Lcf-
Serbia Opijum
Serbia Green
Serbia BiGFiLL
Serbia Shecky

Serbia Hamla-

We wish the team good luck in upcoming tournaments and hope to see some great matches.

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