Review of a game: with eQuiNOX

Yesterday, the 1/8 final of the IDEC tournament „The end of time“ between Germany dmZ and Sweden Kwom’s team has been played . GosuGamers proudly presents a summery of the game, including not only a game analysis but also a commentary by the mastermind of dmZ, Germany eQuiNOX, to provide a full insight of the game.

eQuiNOX: Hello dudes ! On sunday we (dmZ)
faced kwoms team in the idec tournament. It was a very intense and close game, which i didn't expect before. Kwoms team is ex sk-gaming without loda and hailo but with the former SGC player enigma aka ZhaoYun and they gave us a hard fight.

Sweden Kwom's Germany dmZ


Nerubian Assassin Lifestealer Death Prophet Crystal Maiden
Enigma Undying Keeper of the Light Lord of Olympia

Nerub, Crystal Maiden, Keeper of the Light and Undying are banned, as seen so often in the last games of 6.59. Same with Lifestealer. Interesting is the ban of Enigma, which has become popular recently and is known for fast and effective jungle farming. There are no AGI heroes banned at all (Spectre and Stealth Assassin with a big nerf since 6.59). Also Kunkka not picked or banned at all.
eQuiNOX: Well Na crystal undying kotl are bans which you nearly see in every game since they all are really strong and some of them even imba. The enigma ban is basicly because enigma can disturb chen in the woods and because he is the best hero to farm in the jungle at the moment. Furthermore enigma has the crazy ablitly to move around the map farm some spots and do evil ganks on every lane with its stun and the eidolons.

Picks (dmZ firstpick)

Faerie Dragon Priestess of the Moon Holy Knight
Earthshaker Axe Warlock Sand King
Slayer Storm Spirit Demon Witch

Holy Knight picked first by dmZ. The swedish team continues with the default picks, Faerie Dragon and Potm. If they are not banned, the both heroes are picked all the time. Same with Warlock. Now the interesting part of the picks: the comeback of the gankers. Sand King, Slayer and Demon Witch are picked more frequently since the new version was published. Last to mention is Axe picked by Kwom and Storm, picked by the germans. There is not much to say about Storm Spirit. He is one of the most agile heroes since his changes. The only item he really needs in the beginning is a Bloodstone (and of course some charges).

eQuiNOX: We did know that Sk.Akke plays a really good chen and since we are very familiar with chen we wanted to save us the hero by firstpicking him.
after the usual potm puck pick by the opponents we picked wl and sk. We really like to solo wl on the short lane since he doesnt need much help and we can focus our ganks on the other two lanes, while wl can farm a fast hex. The sk pick was done because we thought that we better get a good firststunner now.
Then we saw, that kwoms team aimed for axe and es, which is a great combo to initiate fights, if they both got their daggers up. Lina was allrdy picked and we needed some afterstun for the sk lane so we chose the lion. Even if lion hasn't too much instant damage we hoped for some chen ganks to solve the damage problem. Storm was picked be us because we have stryke who is able to farm a fast bloostone and to do massive action afterwards. And the Storm is a perfect counter to Earthshaker and axe since he can jump on them and kill them instantly if he has some items.


The Sentinel
Priestess of the Moon Kwom^_-(Top)
Faerie Dragon [Pajkatt](Mid)
Slayer SK.Akke(Bot)
Earthshaker SK.Tompa(Bot)
Axe ZhaoYun[P](Jungle)
The Scourge
Warlock dmZ^hexOr(Top)
Storm Spirit dmZ^Stryke(Mid)
Demon Witch dmZ^eQuiNOX(Bot)
Sand King dmZ^EDE(Bot)
Holy Knight dmZ^Rene-(Jungle)

Top: Potm vs Warlock
Not much to say about that lane. Both farming great, but without much action. Warlock goes for Midas and later Guinsoo (and even later for Heart of Tarasque and Shivas), Potm buys Diffusial Blades for the Warlock ulti and later Butterfly, Manta Style and Crystalis

Mid: Fearie Dragon vs Storm
In the mid lane there is also a 1on1, Faerie Dragon against Storm Spirit. Both trying to farm, Storm Spirit with a slight creep kill advance. The Items for Faerie Dragon later will be BoT and Guinsoo, Storm goes for Bloodstone of course, Treads, BKB and Orchid.

Bot: Action
This is were the actions is. 2on2, everyone with at least one stun and/or nuke. Earthshaker plus Slayer are facing Sand King + Demon Witch. And both sides with support from the jungle heroes. Interesting fights here.

As already mentioned, Axe is facing Holy Knight in the Scourge jungle. Both try to farm fast and also support the mid and bottom lane. Axe manages to kill the Holy Knight two times in the early game. After that, the Holy knight moves to the Sentinel jungle to continue farming and supporting the lanes.

eQuiNOX: Mid and top lane are 1n1 but i guess from the heroes we have slightly advantage there because I think wl > potm and storm > Puck. The early game problems for us are in the jungle + botm lane where we dont play very good and axe can manage to harras the chen ganks. The the sandking misses a stun while chen tries to gang which made us loose the lane and the early game.

At minute 11 (play time, not replay time) we already have 10 kills (Kwom 7-3 dmZ). Never the less, dmZ manages to keep up with the Sentinel’s farming. Slayer with already 4 kills and 4-0 kill stats. A few minutes later, Potm tries to destroy the mid tower, but Storm Spirit denies it.
eQuiNOX: In the early game we did lots of mistakes and bad timed tp's and couldn't disturb axe while farmin his dagger. As far as i remember kwoms teams which really played well always had a kill advantage and slightly better farm in the early.

dmZ loses another two tower until minute 20. Kill stats are 11 – 9. Storm Spirit has almost farmed his bloodstone, Axe with dagger and Potm in the middle of making a diffusial blade.
In the next 10 minutes, dmZ loses his second tower on the mid lane, and denies the Scourge bottom tower. Earthshaker farms his dagger, Faerie Dragon with Bot and ultimate orb. Storm Spirit has built the blood stone, Warlock with 1000 gold to guinsoo.
Kwom’s team is extends their advantage and the kill stats are 21 – 12. The scourge team manages to snap some Sentinel players and starts a push on the mid lande. The base tower falls.
After the push, the game becomes pretty even. dmZ loses all of their outside towers, but manages to get the first mid and top tower. The overall tower kill stats are now 7 – 3 for kwom’s team.
eQuiNOX: In the midgame we are getting jumped by axe shaker and lina who with their massive instant damage kill one of us instantly, and we don't have somthing to engage except the Rock... but it has a really long cooldown. Our Sandking got owned really badly and doesn't have his dagger yet, so we are forced to turtle a bit to get our core items.

At minute 43, the game has a turn. dmZ ganks and kills Axe, and with a great move by Storm Spirit, also Faerie Dragon and Potm. Next action is to get the first aegis from Roshan. The Sourge team can kill the big golem without being disturbed by Kwom’s team and it is Storm Spirit to take the aegis.
After a big fight on the mid lane, where Scourge suffers three deaths, the Storm Spirit’s bloodstone has now 8 charges (and + 16 hp/mp regen). Kwom’s team seems now a bit disorientated, while one after another gets killed during the push. Sentinel’s mid base tower and the melee rax fall at the expense of Storm’s aegis.
eQuiNOX: When our storm has his bkb the game begins to turn to our favour and now we pick them off one by one due to a nice mapcontroll which our chen established. We kill roshan and are able to take down the mid rax with the aegis on storm. Afterwards its only a matter of time til the game is over since our storm is simply to fat.

Statistics after 50 minutes:
Tower kills: 7 – 6
Kill stats: 32 – 31
Potm: diffusial blades, BoT, butterfly
Faerie Dragon: BoT, guinsoo
Axe: dagger, hood, vanguard
Earthshaker: dagger, arcane, 2000 to guinsoo
Slayer: BoT, dagger, ultimate orb
Storm Spirit: bloodstone (11 charges), bkb
Warlock: guinsoo, HoT, Midas
Demon Witch: dagger, BoT
Sand King: phase boots, dagger
Holy Knight: Phase boots

After some farming on both sides, Kwom’s team starts to kill Roshan, but gets disturbed by the Scourge team and it comes to a great fight at big neutral creepspot, which dmZ can decide for them. Also the second aegis goes to Storm Spirit. Kill stats are now 36 – 37. Scourge is leading for the first time of the game.
The last action of the game is the push from dmZ on the bottom barracks. Besides Slayer, all of Kwom’s team get killed and the game is over.

At the end i have admit that stryke carried us that game with his storm and kwoms team did a better job early. But it's also good to know that we can win games like this if not everything is working too well from the start ;)

A really nice match, I didn’t except such a good performance by Kwom’s team, but they seem to be a pretty well clan and should be taken seriously. I hope to see more of them in the near future. And of course not to forget to mention the great comeback from dmZ.
Thanks to both clans for the great replay, special thanks to eQuiNOX, who has taken his time to comment the replay.

Thx to Zeyall for this review and all the dudes who were reading this. Cya and chill4skill

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