Ks.Int adds Dendi

The former Ukraine DTS member Ukraine Dendi returns to Europe Kingsurf.International.

After loosing one of the best player Russia vigoss from the DoTA squad, Ks.Int once again recruits their ex-member back to the team. Dendi is known as the finest gankers. GosuGamers wishes all the best for their future .

Quoting MalaysiaKs-eryc:

Today I am glad to annouce the return of our brother - Dendi a.k.a. Di DI(The way I call him). He's that kind of player Ks.int need and he will be the cheer leader and joker in the team as well! With the additional of Superman Dendi(the way he call himself) the team will be stronger and we can have more fun in the future! Welcome back to Kingsurf family Ks^Dendi.ua!

Kingsurf just provided a short interview with his new recruit:
What is the reason(s) of your return? Everybody think that you will follow Go[blin] and Axypa to any where.

Ks^Dendi.ua: I am fan of LevenT! For Goblin and Axypa, I love them too, I play with them for 2 years already, but I don't see me in DTS anymore, for some reasons.

read the interview full here

Europe Kingsurf.International lineup

Estonia Ks.Puppey.ee

Russia Ks.Jolie.ru
Sweden Ks.Miracle
Germany Ks.KuroKy.aq
Germany Ks.Levent.tr
UnitedKingdom Ks.Gunz.uk
Ukraine Ks^Dendi.ua

Malaysia KS.eryc

News provided by Sn4k3y


prodota.ru has just revealed, that Russia LightOfHeaven will fill the gap in Ukraine DTS.

Ukraine DTS|Chatrix lineup

Ukraine Axypa

Ukraine WG-_-v1lat

Ukraine Go[blin]
Ukraine DKPhobos
Russia LightOfHeaven
Ukraine Moelie

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