Mon Changes in 6.60

Changes in 6.60

Icefrog has revealed in his official blog that he will be making some interesting changes for the next version of DotA map, 6.60. Icefrog stated that there will be a new tavern layout and an addition of sounds when an ally picks a rune.

Tavern layout

Icefrog stated that there will be a new tavern layout to make it a lot more easier for the players to pick their heroes. Icefrog also stated that there are few possible options regarding to how the taverns shall be. The first option is to place the taverns in a single area with three taverns per hero classes making them nine in total.

The second option is to place five taverns on each Sentinel and Scourge making them ten in total. The taverns will consist of an intelligence-class hero tavern, a strength-class hero tavern, an agility-class hero tavern and two hybrid-class hero taverns. The final option is to have two taverns for each class on both sides making them 12 in total.

Rune sounds

Icefrog is also working to add some kind of notification sounds when an ally hero picks up a rune. The sounds will notify the team members about the specific runes that were picked up.

If you have any suggestions about the new tavern layout and the rune sound, just send an email to Icefrog. GosuGamers wishes Icefrog luck working on the new version of DotA map.

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